In a post gender world, men wouldn’t be punished for being vulnerable and women wouldn’t have to stay submissive in order to succeed. Unfortunately, we’ve all been subjected to the same gender narrative dating back to Adam and Eve. But what if there was another creation myth? One where gender was erased altogether?

“Once a genderless youth has learned the way of the garden as two very distinct systems, they must decide which one to go with. They conclude that it doesn’t have to be either or. It’s a little bit of both. As all three twirl around each other in the last act, they recognize themselves in each other’s eyes. It’s an egalitarian relationship built from mutual respect and love for one another.”

Director Winnie Cheung adds to her ouvre with this incredible, thoughtful dance film. Choreographed by Elena Vazintaris, filmed by Anibal Hernandez and scored by Oscar nominated composer, Hauschka (Lion and HBO’s Gunsmike), What If stars three dancers (Batsheva, Sleep No More, The Greatest Showman) who use movement to embody different forms of masculinity and femininity.

WHAT IF will be screening at the Bronx Academy of Dance Saturday 6/16 as part of their Out On Film series. It will be one of eleven LGBTQ themed dance films featured.