Picture Farm Production teams up with Kess Broekman-Dattner to craft two quietly optimistic narratives for Kansas energy company Westar, via Kansas-based agency Callahan Creek.

Shot on location in the picturesque town of Lawrence, Kansas, Broekman-Datner enlisted long-time collaborator DoP Josh McKie to help craft an ode to the optimism and security of childhood.  The two spot focus on renewable energies and crisis management, exemplifying Kess’ heartfelt eye for character, offhand charm and cinematic framing.

Production was coordinated between teams across the country — from Brooklyn to Kansas City to Lawrence — edited and finished in house for cinema, online and social media, with 5.1 sound mix by Explosion Robinson.

The project is a perfect example of Picture Farm’s ability to bring different perspectives to bare, facilitating a collaboration of the Kansas based clientele with the storytelling nous of three Australians: Broekman-Dattner, McKie and colorist Roslyn DiSisto of Nice Shoes — all from our Brooklyn hotseat.

Edited and Post Produced by Picture Farm Post.