Picture Farm’s producer, Stefania Consarino, and production manager, Olivia Ratzsch, worked in tandem with director, Daniel Uribe, and melodic-electronica artist, Vonavi, to bring this music video to life.

“The music video was inspired by a homeless man who I encountered on the streets of New York City, who was begging for spare change with his eyes closed. While encountering homeless people is a daily occurrence in NYC, the image of this man having his eyes closed struck my curiosity as to the man’s memories, feelings and potential life story that he was observing in his head. These curiosities inspired the storyline of Sunburst. Vonavi reached out to me a while back when he was working on his album and asked me to interpret this song in a film. The song painted a strong picture in my head that thanks to the collaboration of multiple talented people I was able to expand. The creative freedom and support that Vonavi gave me allowed me to craft this story how I saw it on my head.” -Daniel Uribe, Director