Ryan dropped off a drive full of hilariously directed “moving portraits” for ACNE Studios. Toddy was immediately inspired to meet it with some matching sonic ideas. The result were a series of “found” voicemail cassette recordings that would marry perfectly to the visual pandemonium.

“Poetically dubbed “The Underwear Memos,” a series of six short films from Acne Studios depicts, well, just what you may imagine. Now playing on the brand’s YouTube page, the brief (no pun intended) works showcase gleeful models in the brand’s shiny new granny panties. With bright, colorful backdrops, the videos are scored with random phone messages. Bits of wisdom from said messages include: “It’s not nice being sick. When you feel better, you feel much better” and “we are short, in the powder room, four yards.” Got that?” – Racked.com

Ryan’s photos for the campaign…

The Underwear Memos at Frieze London
The Underwear Memos on Yahoo News