“We all love food. When we go on holiday, sure we go and see the museums the monuments, the wonders of the world, but if we’re really honest, it’s the food we ALWAYS remember. It’s the food that really makes you feel like you’re a local if you find the right little joints and restaurants. Food really does Widen your World like nothing else.

So, this time Turkish Airlines are sending Lionel Messi on a culinary race around the world with none other than the great Didier Drogba. Who will be the first to discover the most epic food on the planet?”

In one of many installments of PF loving fütbol and travel, PF Europe teamed up with photographer Eva Edsjö to produce stills of Turkish Airlines campaign #EpicFood, starring soccer VIPs Didier Drogba and Lionel Messi.

The spirit of competition is ripe as Drogba and Messi face off in a match to see who can find the world’s greatest cuisines first.

#EpicFood inspires adventurous travel; making restaurants, street carts and customary cooking the ultimate destination. Serdar Ekrem Sirin, Advertising Manager for Turkish Airlines, explains, “Food is the best way to understand a culture, which is why we care so much about our catering and why we’ve made food the true hero of our new campaign.”

The print campaign was produced by James Stewart out of our Picture Farm Barcelona offices in conjunction with the broadcast commercial video shoot that offered up this hilarious take shot by Joseph Kahn and HSI.