Director Natalie Johns and Picture Farm collaborated to produce Tully’s Coffee travel through the west coast.

The documentary series follows along as Keurig brings slow and roasted coffee into a quick and easy at-home atmosphere with their new Tully’s pods. Produced out of out Los Angeles office and edited by PF Post’s Jamie Lansdowne, who worked both remotely and on site.

“Any great product takes time. That’s why we roast our coffee beans slow and low – the only way to draw the full flavor out of every bean. This ‘slow and low’ ideology is shared by our four handpicked artists, who believe in the craft and care of their work. Follow our journey from San Francisco to Seattle as we meet four artists who add their own special spark to our Tully’s camper.” – Scott Moffitt, Chief Brand and Beverage Officer at Keurig

On the Road with the Tully’s Camper

Tully’s “Slow and Low” Stop 1: Elliott C Nathan

Tully’s “Slow and Low” Stop 2: Meryl Pataky

Tully’s “Slow and Low” Stop 3: Max Humphrey

Tully’s “Slow and Low” Stop 4: Cam