The first task at hand was a promotional roll-out of three broadcast spots. Toddy Stewart initially collaborated with Scott Duncan’s Other Films to create a hybrid archival/documentary broadcast spot. Trolling the archives of his football-fanatical brain, Toddy paired some epic moments from history with Scott’s gorgeous documentary footage to make a duo of spots that range offer a wider historical perspective of the competition and a visual exploration into Brazil’s romance with the beautiful game in The Big Event (above) and Our Stars (below.)

“The nearly two-minute spot will give soccer fans goose bumps” –

The 36th Annual Sports Emmys Awards; 5/5/2015Picture Farm, in association with ESPN, Other Films and Weiden + Kennedy would then go on to win the 2015 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Promotional Announcement. The win was for a trio of spots, rolled out as one campaign which included the “I Believe” and “Big Event” spots and Widen + Kennedy’s “Time Zone” garnering Stewart and Picture Farm a statuette under the title of producer.

The American Outlaws spot would also go on to win a 2015 Sports CLIO in the commercial filmmaking category.

Left: Seth Ader, VP of Marketing for ESPN holding the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Promotional Announcement


“ESPN’s first 2014 World Cup commercial is hot fire” –

The Outlaws

Joining Duncan on the ground in Ohio for the U.S./Mexico WC Qualifier, Stewart brought the footage back to Brooklyn to create a piece that would capture the pumping excitement of the USMNT supporters group The Outlaws.


Klinsmann Tweet

Web Content – Picture Farm builds out a wide array of web assets and series for ESPN

For ESPN’s cross promotional partnership with Bacardi’s Untameable Spirit campaign, Picture Farm’s Toddy Stewart & Chris Bren crafted a web series displaying the impromptu magic and passion of soccer fans in NYC. There is nowhere quite like New York to catch the fever of the World Cup. The “Global City” has a bar (or two) for any ex-pat crowd you’d care to name, each with passion for their home nation’s team, capturing seven key matches featuring 12 different teams and 13 different locations to create a series of films that would be presented the next time the winning team would play.

The whole series can be viewed below…

While the PF Post team filled the ESPN website and digital universe with video content covering every angle, first with a rousing celebrity tinged rallying cry for the USMNT. And with the access to ESPN’s archives of World Cup footage, Stewart came up with an opportunistic web content plan. PF Post crafted over fifty “educational” films for ESPN FC’s World Cup Essentials online hub and social media outreach.

From exhaustive recaps of some of the most memorable moments from each World Cup competition, year by year to montage videos for each current team in the tournament using whatever current footage to a series of social media-friendly bite size videos about specific players.

“Beautifully Edited” –

Finally, Picture Farm’s Ben Freedman worked with Spontaneous Interventions to conceive of and produced a World Cup viewing pavilion on Governor’s Island in New York City. Over the course of the tournament, thousands of fans took the ferry from Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan to watch the games together.


“If you’re not a soccer fan right now, you WILL be by the end of this two minute video!” –