Picture Farm teamed up with director/DP Andrew David Watson to produce the video campaign for Sweetgreen and Michelin-rated chef, Dan Barber’s, latest collaboration: Sweetgreen x Row 7. This ambitious project ushers in the latest iteration of the farm to table experience: starting with 100,000 koginut squash seeds and resulting in a beautiful collaboration capsule menu.

The production utilized mixed formats for the campaign, using a 16 mm and a 35 mm aeroflex camera to achieve the desired aesthetic. The series documents the entire process from seed to bowl, highlighting the importance of plant breeders and good ingredients while also creating a new narrative of “democratizing deliciousness“.

“Real flavor doesn’t start with the chef, or even with the farmer; it begins with plant breeders—the people creating the original recipe for our ingredients. Unfortunately, most plant breeders today are asked to breed for yield, shelf-life and ship-ability, at the expense of good food. What if chefs and eaters could help write the recipe? For the past several years, we’ve been doing exactly that: testing (and tasting) in the field and kitchen, bringing chefs and breeders together to co-select new vegetables hard-wired for flavor. We launched Row 7 to bring those ingredients beyond the walls of white tablecloth restaurants and onto plates everywhere.” – Dan Barber, co-founder of Row 7 and executive chef of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Picture Farm created multiple deliverables for Sweetgreen, from longform web content to social media assets. EP Johnny Fego shepherded production from farm to farm and into the post production process, capturing every stage of the koginut squash’s growth and transformation. Picture Farm’s post team handled all the offline creative editing and added animation, image clean-up and bespoke VFX to the series.

Pieces from the series have graced the video billboards in Times Square and has been featured on Nowness.com