In 2008 Toddy Stewart wrote and edited a short film about not surfing, a topic that had haunted him since the first moment he paddled a board into cold Pacific waters some 15 years earlier. Trying to make sense of the vagaries of life, The Surf Magazines Don’t Talk About Lapsed Catholics, explores something of the darker side of surfing, the less day glow, sun, surf and sex side. What does it really mean to be a surfer?

Using very specific bits of footage his friend and constant surfing-media collaborator Antonio Sanchez shot on a couple cold New Jersey days, the film is a paean to the darker, mortifying realities of tying oneself to an addiction like no other.

After premiering at the 2008 New York Surf Film Festival, Lapsed Catholics would end up winning the “Best International Short” at both the 2011 Canadian Surf Film Festival and 2012 London Surf Film Festival and has been presented at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the San Francisco Ocean Surf Festival, the Lighthouse Film FestivalFestival Maribor, the Save The Waves Film Festival, the Maysles Jock Docs series, and the Surfilm Festibal San Sebastián.

It was recently featured in the “Journeys” section of Kelly Slater’s Outerknown site and was described by The Surfer’s Journal‘s Scott Hulet as having “Nailed it.”

Toddy Stewart continues to speak about not surfing ad nauseam on his surf blog The Endless Bummer.