Picture Farm and director Kess Broekman-Dattner teamed up with Save The Elephants to document the arrival of Benjamin Loloju and Letioye Serenoy, two Samburu Warriors who made the journey from Northern Kenya to New York. These two men took part in the Saving the Elephants 10k run/walk around Central Park — sponsored by Ivory Ella — to raise funds for the Save the Elephants organization. The warriors’ trip to New York was part of a continuing effort to bring ever-more awareness to the serious problem of elephant poaching and to highlight the universal connection of all living beings, be they pachyderm, human or other. 

Picture Farm has long supported Save the Elephants (STE), a Kenya-based elephant research and conservation organisation which works to secure a future for elephants in Africa. Specializing in elephant research and cutting-edge technology, STE provides scientific insights into elephant behaviour, intelligence, and long-distance movements and applies them to the challenges of elephant survival. 

We encourage you to learn more about Save the Elephants here