Picture Farm director Rupert Wyatt didn’t have to outfit Andy Serkis with a green suit and a jet pack to give his latest character a personality. All he needed was a drone operator and a radical rethinking of English fox hunting. Working with the creative team at BBDO, Rupert lent his particular perspective to Mountain Dew’s latest foray into the unexpected: drone hunting.


Shot over a few days in Chile and supported by Picture Farm’s creative producing duo Ben Freedman and Johnny Fego, director Wyatt, art director Jason Stefanik and copywriter Alex Taylor tailored a different kind of commercial shoot for this spot. Not content to capture the hunt in a standard commercial way, Wyatt wanted to push the cinematic. In his words, “rather than a GoPro shoot where we were always chasing the action, we were actually creating the action, which is a big challenge from a stunt point of view.”

The resulting piece has captured the imagination:

Mtn Dew, which has a history of backing alternative sports like skateboarding, has struck what might be its most non-traditional deal yet.” – Ad Age

“After years of supporting live sporting contests organized by the NFL, Major League Baseball and the NBA, Madison Avenue is sniffing around the virtual kind.” –Variety

“It’s a savvy attempt to bridge the gap between the extreme sports the brand has been sponsoring since the X Game days and the still-nascent world of turbocharged quadcopters.” – The Verge