Anders Overgaard and Picture Farm Production traveled the word over, capturing the special experiences Rosewood Hotels offers as part of their “Sense of Place” packages. Ben Freedman and Arianne Culley put in the hard miles with Anders and crew, getting to live every beautiful moment as it unfolded.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® introduces “A Sense of Place Journeys” which are designed to immerse guests in the essence of some of the most desirable destinations in the world. These two-day itineraries have been thoughtfully created to allow guests to explore classic landmarks, unearth hidden discoveries and enjoy unique, private experiences. The journeys are guided by Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy that each property should be a reflection of its location’s history, geography and culture.

The footage was brought back to New York to edit in a rolling schedule and Picture Farm Post edited the cinematic films for the variety of Rosewood destinations. Imagery from the shoot would be purposed and repurposed for a strong campaign.

“A Sense of Place – Abu Dhabi”

In our initial foray into the world of Rosewood Hotels, Picture Farm traveled to Abu Dhabi traversing from the harbor to the dunes. We crafted scenarios that would tell the surprising story of luxury in the desert.


“A Sense of Place – Mayakoba”

The Yucatán Peninsula is the tourist destination for millions of people each year, but what they often miss is the deep contemplative, spiritual and historical elements of the area. Our second film offers a glimpse into the delights that await the more discerning traveler.


“A Sense of Place – Beijing”

Spending a week in China’s capital exploring the nooks and crannies and getting to know the city, while managing the the ins and outs of permits and  tight access, we were able to capture a lyrical sense of the depth of culture the metropolis has to offer.


“A Sense of Place – London”

London is a surprisingly mysterious city with nooks and crannies offering up the contemplative and winsome. The Sense of Place style we developed in Mexico, China and the UAE fits perfectly in this fast moving yet seductive capital.


“A Sense of Place – New York”

The last installment of our collaboration with Anders Overgaard, Rosewood Hotel Group and Agency Sacks brought us back to New York to rediscover the best secrets of the city. From the ballet theater to the jazz club to a helicopter above the city, we crafted a rarified peek of one of the world’s great cities.