Roe Ethridge and Toddy Stewart teamed up for an ongoing series of off-kilter filmic portraits to compliment Roe’s photo series for Italian Fashion brand Sportmax.  Made for online and social media presentation, and starring Mariacarla Boscono, these Sportmax campaigns can be found via the brand’s social media and one video billboards in fashiony metropolis’ all over the world. 

Just above, the campaign film for Sportmax F/W 2016.17… just below, the campaign film for S/S 2016 and a bit further down the S/S 2017 campaign film featuring Adriana Lima vamping in repose to the band Adult.


Working with their musical muses at Pull, Roe and Toddy found some discrete moments of communication breakdown in this distinct piece.

“American photographer Roe Ethridge became a recognizable force in the fine art world with his serene but subversive portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.” -James Lim, New York Magazine, 2012

Critics have frequently noted his seamless switching between commercial assignments and fine art photography. As a commercial photographer, beyond contributing to many magazine editorials… He often appropriates his own work as commercial photographer — as well as newspaper, catalog and stock photography — for his museum and gallery shows. According to the curators of the MoMA: “The pictures acquire their meaning from the salient way in which they have been shuffled, sequenced, and laid out in nonlinear narrative structures. His prints vary widely in scale and source material. Combining and recombining already recontextualized images, Ethridge at once subverts the photographs’ original roles and renews their signifying possibilities.”

Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center 

Roe’s work is on display from Oct. 7 2016 to March 12 2017 at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center in the exhibition “Roe Ethridge: Nearest Neighbor,” as part of the FotoFocus Biennial. We are proud to have our work presented at the show, an unseen “Director’s Cut” Roe and Toddy made to their artistic whim.

“Roe Ethridge takes artistic and editorial conventions and turns them upside down.” –SLATE.

Some images of Roe’s photo campaigns for Sportmax, courtesy of Artist Commissions: