Photographer Sam Christmas loves wheels, particularly the sorts of wheels that are connected to engines. Teaming up with Picture Farm, Mr. Christmas captured the current prototype for the Roborace at the Parc Del Forum in Barcelona.

Concurrent to the photo shoot, Picture Farm’s U La La Events also designed, built and produced the unveiling event of the newest technology at the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona.

Roborace, if you haven’t figured it out, is the company starting the world’s first motorsports serious for driverless cars. And today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it showed off its star vehicle, which looks like it comes straight off the set of a high-budget sci-fi flick. The real-life, race-ready robocar resembles a crouching insect, ready to leap. The center of the body is just a narrow spine (no cockpit) and the four wheels (some things don’t change) are tucked inside huge aerodynamic scoops.” – Wired