The Picture Farm Gallery is a rather opportunistic art space hosting a regular (or as regular as we can manage) offering of multi-week shows, pop up exhibitions, craft workshops and cultural events.

The conception of the gallery itself is the logical extension of the deep connection that PF partners Ben Freedman, Chris Bren and Toddy Stewart have to their adopted home-neighborhood of Williamsburg. Each migrated to the northwest corner of Brooklyn around the same time almost two decades ago, a time of rampant art-making, unrestrained socializing and cultural button-pushing.

Since those heady days of pure creative joie de vivre, the neighborhood has gone through the tremors and manipulations of “the market” and has evolved into a slightly different scene. Attempting to stem the tide for just a little longer, the PF partners open their doors and not-insignificant wall-space to local artists, old friends and good causes.

Toddy Stewart has crafted an ongoing series of artist films for the gallery. Often having to get a certain sort of person to talk about things they usually don’t want to talk about, never-mind any preference to avoid being “caught on tape,” Toddy has employed some pretty lo-fi, non-invasive methods.

He found the best way to put his subjects at ease and get into their reluctant minds is to use the least intimidating recording equipment he can find, namely his iPhone.

Each film is made on the back of what amounts to a podcast interview session, then married to the footage Toddy captures in this most happenstantial way. Most films were made using a legacy model iPhone for both picture and sound.