Shot in studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Picture Farm teamed with the Nike Women’s Training group and Photographer Gregory Harris to capture a diverse group of female athletes, dancers, actresses showcasing the latest Nike Tights.

Featuring elite middle-distance runner Coleen Quigley, athlete, actress & DJ Calou Rivero, gold-medalist heptathlete Nafi Thiam and professional dancer & choreographer Koharu Sugawara.

“Different athletic activities affect different muscle groups. For example, a distance run optimizes the quads, hamstrings and calves; whereas a high intensity workout demands core activation.  In addition to muscle groups, another factor amongst athletes is the desire to achieve the best workout, every time, and they look to products to help them gain the advantage.

‘Efficiency is always a key factor for our athletes — they want to get the most out of every workout,’ explains Helen Boucher, VP of Women’s Training Apparel Product. ‘Tights are a huge part of any athlete’s uniform and we analyzed every design and fit detail to ensure key parts of the body are compressed for the right sport.’

With that in mind, Nike’s newest Zonal Strength Tights feature compression zones built directly into the base fabric, targeting key muscle groups to reduce muscle vibration for an efficient workout, without restricting mobility.”