Picture Farm teamed up with the director/photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt, cinematographer Megan Stacey and Nike to capture the essence of a collection that “a series of vibrant and chic work-out outfits made for modern-day workouts.”

As L’Officiel’s Calvin Chong puts it:

Rooted in basketball aesthetics and made for the ladies, Nike presents the Icon Clash collection, a series of vibrant and chic work-out outfits made for modern-day workouts. “Feminine Glam” is the keyword for this collection, where black is the core colour which is accented with touches of red, white and gold (almost as if it is made for the festive season). The silhouettes are fluid and free to give its wearer the freedom of movement – be it twirling and skipping on the dance floor or strutting down the streets like it’s the runway… That turns us to the campaign film and imagery for the collection, where Nike engaged various dancers/athletes from Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, LA and Campania to do a special shoot in New York to illustrate the idea of Icon Clash. The cast included 1Million Dance Studio’s Lia Kim, choreographer Luam Keflezgy, Harlem Globetrotter’s Fatima Lister, dancer/choreographer Rie Hata and yoga master trainer Kara Liotta … Each of them contributed a touch of their personal movements and style into the choreography of the campaign film, where it is a fusion of movements and dance performed by women of multiple disciplines from all over the world. The word “swag” might even be too mild to describe the beauty and energy of the collection.