For Nike, developing and connecting the global soccer community isn’t just an obvious commercial operation, it’s deeply intertwined with a passionate love of the game. Where most brands are paying attention to the biggest stars and the professional game to tell their story, Nike understands that getting down to the deeper cultural levels is just as important, just as vital.

Nike Football and the creative agency AKQA approached Picture Farm to continue our collaboration, a journey into the street game we started with the influential Copa America “Small Sided” campaign.

Evolving the visual sensibilities photographer/director Christopher Anderson brought to that hybrid campaign (print and video) and keeping the creative continuity with creative collaborator & editor from that series Toddy Stewart, Nike tasked Anderson and Stewart to co-create a new social & app based series of stylized “how-to” videos based on the street futsal game for their Football X app-based database of moves. Anderson & Stewart co-directed on the ground in Long Beach California, before Stewart would continue on to Amsterdam and Paris to finish the project solo.

Talented cinematographers Alex Disenhof and Nathaniel Aron helped paint with light for the look for motion. And Toddy worked with amazing sports photographer Scott Heavey of Getty Images in Amsterdam & Paris to create indelible still images, making this a truly hybrid production. A huge component of any filmmaking process is always the accompanying score, and for this we are grateful for the artistry of Mitch and Scott at Pull who created bespoke soundtracks for each leg of the series.



Shot in Paris by Toddy Stewart, featuring the footwork of Landry N’gala, Souleman “Solo” Karamoko and Sofiane “Gonso” Ahrardi, who play for Team Cameleons & Danube City.


Shot in Amsterdam by Toddy Stewart, choreographing with the legendary street football icon Ed Van Gils, features the footwork of Anass Ahnnach, Nordin Stitou and Ike Neil who are associated with the influential StreetKings futsal club.


Misters Anderson and Stewart shot these over two days in Long Beach, California featuring DeForest Park and the local talent running those courts: Jose “Chik” Perez,  Francisco”‘Ice” Cardenas and Alfredo “Nene” Sainz. 

Social Media

Initially launched exclusively on the Nike Fooball App, these films are meant to not only document what’s happening at the ground level, but to inspire creative rivalry within the community itself. The series has already sparked a legion of street pitch copycats and more than a few online spats, multiple clips from the films pushing over a million views on Instagram alone.



Winner Stay Tournament

Using the footage from our Paris shoot combined with the Nike Mercurial brand video, Picture Farm Post crafted the announcement for the 2016 Paris “Winner Stays” Street Football Tournament.