Ben Freedman traveled to London with photographer Billy Kidd and orchestrated a classic Picture farm hybrid print & video capture featuring Raheem Sterling and the legendary Ian Wright for Nike F.C.

Toddy Stewart then put the footage together as an homage to the original ’97 “Park Life” commercial starring Ian Wright, Pull providing the perfect track.

As Nike puts it:

“Gigantic stadiums are nice — as are perfect grass, referees, regulations and tactics.

But nice isn’t necessary. After all, football is a simple game. Two teams, two goals, a ball and an inclination to risk everything are all it takes for the local park with its potholed pitch to rival a modern stadium and its finely groomed surface. The crowd may be a man and his dog rather than 100,000 fervent fans, but at Sunday league football, a grassroots English institution, the stakes are the same.

Nike F.C commemorates this devotion with the Fall 2015 Nike F.C. collection, which also nods to the classic 1997 Nike advertisement “Park Life.” Made to celebrate the league’s commitment to the beautiful game, the ad places the era’s superstar strikers, including Ian Wright, on London’s iconic Hackney Marshes alongside faithful weekly players.”

Commemorating this devotion to the game, Nike brought in Ian Wright with Raheem Sterling to produce the on point video above. Nearly 20 years on from the original, Wright fondly recalls shooting the iconic “Park Life” ad — namely that he couldn’t find the back of the net, despite boasting more than 230 career goals.” –

“I just couldn’t score,” laughs Wright, who grew up playing Sunday league football. “It was really a nightmare because I was told, ‘We need to get a really good celebration.’ So I was thinking about the celebration more than I was thinking about scoring — I kept missing the target. In the end, I did score a good one, and then I ran off and did the celebration. It was quite exciting.” This passion infuses the ad, while its authenticity, according to Wright, explains its enduring impact.

“I think the reason it’s loved so much is because people saw professionals and ordinary football kids playing on Hackney Marshes with a great soundtrack,” Wright says. “It was just really cool. I actually played on Hackney Marshes before I became a footballer, so it was all great stuff for me.”

And the original…