Picture Farm worked with Nike NYC and director Daisy Zhou to create Nike’s image for the future of equality.

Picture Farm’s Toddy Stewart worked hand in hand with Nike creatives Rudah Ribeiro, Omar Almufti and Ibrahem Hasan, on the piece meant to coincide with International Women’s Day and appearing on the brand’s Equality site which gives access to different websites that support women.

Toddy helped write the spot with the PF’s graphics artist Claudia Perez, inspired by the interviews Ms. Zhou captured during production. He then worked with assistant Regina Spurlock and producer Kari Ickert to record the myriad of voices that would populate the spot pulled from local Caribbean and Latina American communities

“Listen. These are the voices of our athletes. Athletes taking the platform their sport has given them and using it to better the communities they represent. Athletes speaking up to inspire all of us to act. To inspire all of us to get involved. To inspire all of us to create change. We’re here to make sure that their voices – and every voice –are heard every time. Listen.Equality isn’t a game. But achieving it will be the greatest victory. That’s why we’re committed to fighting for change until we all win” – Nike Equality

The need to highlight the prejudice and discrimination female athletes face and help create the hope and ambition to change the game has never been greater.