Garnering an “Editor’s Pick” on Creativity Online, PF Director Venetia Dearden’s Legacy explores “women’s perceptions of their bodies, this time exploring how mothers’ body worries affect their daughters.”

As Creativity puts it :

“The nearly three-minute film, through Ogilvy Paris, shows five women who are asked to list their own dislikes about their looks. Then their daughters are asked to do the same — and some of the answers are startlingly similar. Directed by Venetia Dearden, the film is sensitively done and ends on a positive note as the girls discuss the things they do like about their bodies.

The campaign is aimed at highlighting how a positive role model can influence young girls’ self-esteem. Dove launched it ahead of its fifth annual Self-Esteem Weekend, which is taking place at the United Nations from Oct. 9 to 12. The online film, titled “Legacy,” will be accompanied by a social media campaign asking women who they “#FeelBeautifulFor,” and Dove is also offering workshops designed to help women boost their self-esteem.”

We couldn’t have said it better.