WHEN YOU’RE THE president, every moment of your day is booked. After all, you’re the leader of the free world, you’re guest-editing WIRED, and there’s a ton of copy to read after dinner. That doesn’t leave much time to sit for photos. Christopher Anderson knew he’d have to work fast. – WIRED

The first line from the Wired article detailing Christopher Anderson’s day at the White House echo’d the sentiments Christopher told us over a glass of wine not long after. Everything has to be ready, everything has to be checked and rechecked. And despite what anyone had warned him about before going in, Christopher was surprised at how long the POTUS gave him to hang around and shoot the breeze. Well, more like a gust… but still.

Wired asked President Obama to guest-edit their November issue and he obliged and you can read his thoughts here. And check out how it works to let the president guest-edit here.

Of course, you can always see Christopher’s filmmaking work as a Picture Farm director here… we think that would be a great idea.