The 2016 edition of the Official Picture Farm Holiday Festivus was held on December 13th under non-threatening skies. Los Angeles bureau chief Wes Auburn dragged LA-based producer Kendall Stewart across the country to take part, while Brooklyn-based producer Cleveland Jones found himself out in the cold on a job (someone has to bring home the bacon.)

Much missed were our brethren from the London, Madrid and Barcelona bureaus, but we’ll be excited to see what mischief they make across the Atlantic. “Stay tuned,” they say.

The night started with the annual Bad Santa/White Elephant/Sigourney Weaver Gift Exchange in the back editing bay of our Brooklyn HQ. Moving on to Snacky on Grand Street after a contentious but fruitful family therapy session, Toddy Stewart introduced the gang to the joys of one of his favorite films, Tampopo, over steamed oddities. The whole crowd ended up at Gutters bowling alley on North 14th (ish), broken up into three teams of distinct bowling cultures.

The only thing we really know, by the end of a raucous night, is that being left-handed doesn’t necessarily give one the expected sporting advantage when bowling, similarly, having an English accent doesn’t put actual english on the ball, and one always wants Chris Bren on one’s bowling team, at least until Leslie Yoon finally finds the perfect ball, at which point all bets are off.

A good time had by all.














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