To our Clients & Friends,

The moment simply speaks for itself. We are all moving to find solutions and take care of each other and the community movement to empathy and collaboration is heartening and inspiring.

As unprecedented as this situation is, we have our priorities. Keeping our community safe and making sure we take care of each other is job number one.

Alongside that, we are dedicated to servicing our clients in all the ways we do as partners, collaborators and friends. We are a can-do company full of incredibly motivated, bright individuals who work together in breathtaking ways as a collective, no matter what geographic distance or lifestyle disruption, for the needs and goals of our clients.

And Picture Farm is luckily placed to offer nearly uninterrupted services while taking all the necessary and sensible steps to maintain our health and the health of everyone around us. Moving to work remotely is second nature to us and our production and post production teams have already shifted seamlessly to work-from-home.

In Production, our projects are in process and on track, waiting for the right time to activate. And we are ready to proactively develop new projects with our global team to create safe and innovative solutions for content creation with new considerations for health, safety and capture-practices.

In Post Production we are firing away at multiple remote-studios, our editors, graphic artists and post producers as connected and creative as always.

We are developing sensible ways of content creation at our digital studio, Cigarettes & Candy. This unique offering includes all of the integrated thoughts and processes both our Production and Post teams bring to the table with our a roster of ready artists, photographers and filmmakers.

If it is time to move into the studio and create content with remote control, we are ready, in the most health-conscious and creatively efficient practices.

If it is time to reassess older media and refashion it to new communications, our creative post production team is ready to collaborate and make things out of thick air.

We will overcome this situation together, as a society, by looking out for each other and approaching every obstacle with the same creativity and gratitude that life has always demanded from us. Keep us informed of your needs as they change. We are here to build remote teams and innovative, cross-platform practices to meet every creative ask. Let us know, and we will make it happen.

Above all, stay healthy,

The Picture Farm Team