With the Covid 19 lockdown in full swing, Picture Farm has taken the time to study the options and create new methodologies that proactively engage with a new world. With offices in New York, London, Barcelona, and Berlin, PF is keeping a finger on the pulse of developments around the globe.

In particular, our Berlin office is ready to start sensibly “opening up.” With a typical German ingenuity matched with true discipline, Germany is at the forefront of getting back to work. It will take some time yet, but with the proactive, rational steps the German people have followed, that economy may very well be moving forward before many other locales.

And Picture Farm is there in settled communication and workflow with all of our offices and networks around the world.


We recognize that in spite of the Covid lockdowns, the need for brand storytelling continues. PF is committed to working with our clients to create content during this time that prioritizes crew safety without sacrificing creativity. Some of our practices include:

  • We have local crews and creative talent around the world who are ready to provide ambitious, original content; directors, photographers and cinematographers able to collaborate remotely.
  • We employ secure, remote video services, engaging on-set with agency creatives from any remote location.
  • Our comprehensive on-set practices mitigate COVID spread. This includes working with minimal crew, ensuring available PPE, and establishing production protocols that ensure safety of cast and crew throughout production.
  • Thinking globally. At a time when different countries have differing social restrictions, we have already scouted locales that are “re-starting” production capabilities earlier thanks to their proactive policies and we continue to monitor every viable option around the world.

Picture Farm Post

We continue to offer full creative offline editing and finishing management with a workflow seamlessly converted to current, and future, remote needs.

Our global network of editors, colorists, VFX, animation and finishing specialists of all stripes is online and has not stopped working on projects big and small. 

Partnering with agencies, brands and artists to develop creative solutions, working protocols and delivery and destination strategies has been PF Post’s stock in trade for years, and the current environment only heightens this well-worn expertise.

In fact, Picture Farm Post has been networking from remote edit suites on multiple projects during the quarantine, including the edit and finishing of two that have already gone live:

Barbie x The Player’s TribuneYou Can Be Anything” and Nowness x Tim GeorgesonTruth In Fire

In a time when production and post production need to work ever-more closely together in a fluid creative partnership, Picture Farm’s proven offering of both creative production and post production is uniquely suited to a time when remote networking must be harmonious, collaborative and flawless.