Picture Farm Director Smriti Keshari has been on a loose journey as filmmaker-in-the-field for London based cultural magazine Huck, telling stories about the United States for a series called “Huck Across America.”

Smriti’s ability to blend in and find the interesting subject in the most nonintrusive ways makes her supremely suited to the assignment and her particular point of view adds its own angle of reportage meeting storytelling.

From a “self-run town of Ward, Colorado, a unique place where residents have a radical take on the American Dream” to “the many lives of immigrants to the US, and at the stigmatizing language that permeates most conversations on the issue” to “a new wave of all-inclusive, female-led punk is bursting out of small-town, blue-collar Tacoma” Smriti has been given the freedom to find the stories along her own journeys.

More about Smriti here.