Picture Farm Director Mentorship 2019

We are proud to announce Grace Kim as this year’s selected mentorship recipient.

Picture Farm offers a Commercial Director Mentorship Program in connection to the Picture Farm Film Festival. Initiated during last year’s event, the program awards a year long collaborative mentorship in commercial filmmaking to a particularly promising filmmaker. With an open application for any filmmaker with a film in the fest, it is designed to help emerging voices navigate the vocabulary and ingrained habits of the advertising industry and prepare their own process for the particular demands of brand content creation.

A shortlist drafted by the festival team was presented to a jury, which this year included Academy Award nominated producer Jeremy Dawson, celebrated actor Sarita Choudhury and Picture Farm partners Chris Bren and Toddy Stewart.

“In a digital era where we are inundated with new media and commercials, I believe that women have a strong role to play in the commercial world to disengage age-old tropes and problematic projections of women in the advertising industry. Furthermore, there is a sense of urgency in the commercial world to break the glass ceiling for women– considering that commercial sets traditionally attract larger budgets and male directors and production crew while less lucrative fields such as documentary production are dominated by women directors.” – Grace Kim

Ms. Kim is a Korean-American filmmaker interested in uncovering “humanity” at its core—what is the human “essence” that remains when one peels aways the superficial layers of race, gender, class, and circumstance. How is her translation of this universal humanity overtly or covertly feminine, Asian-American, or heteronormative? These are the questions she wrestles with through her filmmaking.

Her film, Loveseat, captivated the jury and audience alike with its humor and insight and Grace’s vision, ambitions and experience helped her capture the mentorship, which will be tailored to her availability and goals.

Picture Farm is proud to represent and support 2018 mentoree, Lorena Alvarado.