Picture Farm senior editor Winnie Cheung is not just an editor. Well she is an editor. She is also a creative crafter which means she directs, she talks ideas, she opines about imaginative routes to take.

One of Winnie’s personal projects, Exit Interview, might be described as Lynchian, yes, and it certainly lives in the pantheon of the truly unsettling horror shorts. In honor of its craft and guile, Video Mass (a local Brooklyn filmmaker collective) has included it in its Video Massacre Volume 1 at Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday (4/1/16) as part of a freaky anthology lineup. The theater will be hosting the filmmakers with dinner, lodging and Q&A night of the premiere.

“88 minutes of gruesome, blood-curdling original horror shorts, created by 20 of Brooklyn’s most talented, twisted filmmakers, condensed into one unforgettable program! After multiple sold-out screenings in New York City, Video Mass can’t wait to share our gospel of horror with the rest of the country!”

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