Red Wing paired up with PF Director Andrew David Watson to tell the stories of a few select individuals marked by—just like Red Wing—perseverance and longevity.

The first of the series focuses on Yoji Tokuyoshi, a Japanese born chef trying to earn his place in Italian cuisine. Having traveled to Milan in his twenties to learn more about Italian cooking, Tokuyoshi ended up staying for ten years, cooking and devising what he calls “Contaminated Italian Cuisine,” blending Italian and Japanese themes at his own restaurant Tokuyoshi.

The second film focuses on Wisconsin born Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. With a love of music from an early age, Vernon explains that by his late twenties he was almost ready to throw in the towel on his musical career until, finally, his hard work paid off in a very real way. A lover of the outdoors and mid-west, Vernon describes the importance of being not only an artist—but making sure to be a “real person” as well.

Currently scouting for their third subject, Red Wing and Watson continue to search for inspiring characters who are part of “The Relentless Pursuit” in order to reach their goals, and of course, long time Red Wing fans.