As of today, May 6, 2020 the German government has officially announced that commercial productions can once again obtain permits for shooting on location in Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg.  

The German crosswalk symbol “Ampelmann” has become PF’s standard-bearer for its disciplined approach to production during COVID. And PF wants its clients to rest assured that if the German government decides to pause the economy and Amplemann says “HALT,” that PF will immediately follow suit. But right now Amplemann says, “WALK.”

PF BERLIN is active and operating with very clear risk protection guidelines as set forth by the European Institute for Health & Safety in Film Industry and the European Film Commissions Network. This is a welcome opportunity for all Picture Farm clients around the world who wish to consider activating their creative projects in the world-class production industry that exists in this sophisticated region.  

For content production, Germany has a wealth of first-rate artistic talent, studios, locations, cast, crew and production vendors to address the widest variety of creative mandates.  PF BERLIN is ideally suited to support client goals as it is located in the center of the country’s cultural capital. Additionally, Picture Farm Berlin managing director, Andreas von Lintel is partnered locally with key talent as well as his broader network that spans throughout Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich.  

Client safety concerns are very serious. Picture Farm aims to protect its partners, talent, cast and crew with the bespoke PICTURE FARM COVID SHOOT PROTOCOLS. Over the past two months, PF producers have consulted with international healthcare professionals and production industry leaders to determine a plan that allows for high-quality content without compromise to everyone’s health and safety.

It is an evolving set of directives and parameters we are using as guideline for every shoot. As new information and industry standards are developed and employed, PF will be revising and engaging to the state of the art. The current iteration of these protocols are available upon request.