October 12, 2017

Picture Farm is now accepting submissions for our 2018 film festival. Since 2014, PF Film Fest has attracted talented filmmakers from all over the world to screen and talk about their work here in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With every festival, we strive to adapt our format and programming to the ever changing landscape of independent film. As always, we will be featuring projects by filmmakers that are largely under represented in the traditional filmmaking community.

This year, we will be adding a dance portion to our program and encourage filmmakers who stand at the cross section of movement and film to submit their work. We will also be hosting a symposium with filmmakers who have crafted feature films on a shoe-string budget in the past.

We will review feature film submissions on a case by case basis. We accept Narratives, Documentaries, Animated Films, Experimental Works, Music Videos, and Teaser / Trailers.

Click here to submit




June 1, 2017

“…an enthralling beauty…” – The Hollywood Reporter

A couple years ago we were introduced to Smriti Keshari through some mutual surfing friends. She had recently returned from producing a surfing documentary in India and was knee deep in producing Food Chains, a documentary about farm worker’s rights.

There is a spark apparent in projects Smriti takes on. It is a spark that made us want to be around whatever she decided to do next. Her process is always critical, creative and deeply personal. It is an inspirational thing to be around.

Since signing on as a director with Picture Farm, Smriti has done exactly what she is always going to do, namely travel, make films and come up with big ideas for projects she is passionate about.

Her most recent moment of genius? the bomb  is “a groundbreaking multimedia installation that immerses you in the strange, compelling, and unsettling reality of nuclear weapons” … a “55-minute film, projected 360 degrees on floor to ceiling screens that surround the audience, as The Acid performs a live score in the center of the space.”



May 11, 2017

Picture Farm Gallery is pleased to announce (for the 4th time) the advent of the It Doesn’t Not Work Surf Craft Design Symposium Event of Champions.

The process of surfcraft design is not one limited to the big machines of the surf industry, or solely belonging to the heralded masters of the craft, it is a living folk art on an equally democratic level. It is a continually evolving conversation between local craftsman and the sea… and the creations that relationship spawns.

It Doesn’t Not Work is a surf craft exposition that explores the process of the art & craft of surf-riding design, the event aims to discuss these experimental shapes, work-in-progress projects and tried-and-true formulas. It is a time of conversation and camaraderie, good times and good razzing. Largely local to the Northeastern East Coast Coastal Neighborhood, IDNW is truly open to all geographic comers provided they can pay their own way.


The IDNW inaugural event took place in May of 2014, a result of some mental sparks between S.M.A.S.H Surf’s Tyler Breuer, Imaginary Surf Co.’s David Murphy and Picture Farm’s Toddy Stewart.

In April of 2015, the show would go on with the inclusion of Board Porn’s Ron Schein to the PR team. The 2016 version expanded further to include Desiree Melendez to the operational cast. The 2017 installment adds Christina Hu to the axis and looks to be just as great as every year before.

The 4th Annual IDNW event will be held at Picture Farm Gallery on the weekend of May 19, 20 & 21, 2017. and will coincide with the 10th annual Fish Fry held out in Long Beach, Long Island (swell permitting.) 


To see more of PF’s obsession with the sport of kings look no further…


April 25, 2017

It is Webby season and we congratulate this years winners! You can watch the 2017 version of the award show itself on May 16th live on You Tube.

It seems an apt time to recall the small victories of the past. Even the recent past which saw Picture Farm, Nike, AKQA and Christopher Anderson & Toddy Stewart honored by what is described as The leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet Websites, Film & Video, Advertising, Mobile Sites & Apps, Social & Podcasts & Digital …

Toddy Stewart was nominated in the category of Best Editing and the project, lead by director Christopher Anderson, found itself included as an honoree in the Online Film & Video sports campaign category.

See the whole project, which was an integrated video and stills campaign, here.

Webby2016_NomineeEditing_1 Webby2016_NomineeEditing_2

Creative Director Ibrahem Hasan & Remco Vloon
Art Director AKQA Sherief Younis
Copy Writers Andy Butler, Christopher Anderson, Ben Freedman, Ibrahem Hasan, Toddy Stewart & Sherief Younis
Director ChristopherAnderson
ExecutiveProducer Ben Freedman
Production Manager Wes Auburn
Cinematographer Alex Disenhof
Editor Toddy Stewart
Production Manager Wes Auburn
Post Producer Leslie Yoon
Assistant Editor Joe Barglowski
Color Correction Adrian Seery at MPC
Music & Sound Design Pull


April 18, 2017

Picture Farm’s Jose Roman has spent the last two years editing The Nuclear Requiem and the final cut is now seeing the light of day.

“Produced 70 years after the creation and first use of nuclear weapons, THE NUCLEAR REQUIEM is a film meditation that explores the conundrum of humankind’s most lethal weapon, investigates the continuing struggle over how to resolve this complex issue, and ponders why nuclear weapons continue to exist. The documentary features commentary by leading experts, heads of international agencies, and world leaders, who provide insights on the realities of living in a nuclear world, the challenges of moving beyond nuclear weapons, and the hard work needed to invest in arms control and nonproliferation.”

From Jose: “Just a slight insight… It was interesting to gather different people with different cultures and beliefs who all had this common thread: the hope that a nuclear weapon is never used in warfare ever again. The director, Bob Frye, interviewed over 50 people around the world who work in the nuclear “field” in different ways, whether it be nuclear energy, terrorism, activism, or law. Bob was an EP on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, this amongst a lifetime of credits in news and journalism.” (more…)