Dan Morales of Especial (now Captain) called upon Picture Farm to brainstorm a few ideas for his client the M.L.S.  Of all the ideas we pitched, this was our favorite. Taking our inspiration first from Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait directed by Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno, then Tokyo Olympiad by Kon Ichikawa, then finally Louis Malle’s Vive Le Tour we set out to discover what it really feels like to be in the minds of the supporters during a big game with a hated rival, creating a fan engagement campaign documenting major league soccer’s most valuable commodity: its fans.

Directed by Chris Bren and Toddy Stewart, produced by Johnny Fego and edited by Isabel Freedman, Picture Farm created a documentary series that tells the fans stories right back to them, validating their passion and spurring them on for more.

Inevitably, we found each supporter culture to be unique. The Toronto supporters, beleaguered but holding on to hope. The Kansas City fans rampant in their vocal passion. The New Yorkers typically skeptical but never giving up. Each group opened up to us about their history, their experience and their passion.

It ended up being something between an artistic statement and an intense focus group session. We delivered an intimate exposition to MLS, giving them a unique insight into their fan base. To those fans themselves, when we presented to them the films in their entirety, the response was overwhelming.