For the past five years, Picture Farm has enjoyed the honor and creative pleasure of working with the seminal artist Marilyn Minter. PF’s Toddy Stewart started collaborating with Marilyn in 2011, with her celebratory work for the Whitney Gala and her I’m Not Much but I’m All I Think About film for the Salon 94 solo show that same year. In 2014, Toddy then helped Marilyn create “Smash” for the Brooklyn Museum’s Killer Heels show. Most recently in 2018, I’m Not Much but I’m All I Think About was displayed in the World Trade Center Oculus, as covered by Architectural Digest.

In 2015, Minter’s retrospective Pretty/Dirty opened at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX. Pretty/Dirty and then traveled to Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. The exhibition then continued on to the Orange Country Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum in 2016.

For Marilyn’s annus retrospectus Toddy has been shooting and editing with her a pair of promotional films announcing her New York show dates, one featuring his wife Marina Trejo.

He has also been working with Marilyn on editing an installation piece that will project continuously next to the New Museum on the Bowery, and reformatting some of her video work to present inside the Oculus loop at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.

Marilyn Minter’s sensual paintings, photographs, and videos vividly explore complex and contradictory emotions around beauty and the feminine body in American culture. She trains a critical eye on the power of desire, questioning the fashion industry’s commercialization of sex and the body. Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty is the first retrospective of her work.

Spanning more than four decades, the exhibition begins with the artist’s earliest artworks, from 1969 through 1986, including rarely exhibited photographs as well as paintings incorporating photorealist and Pop art techniques. It continues with works from the late 1980s and 1990s that examine visual pleasure in visceral depictions of food and sex. The exhibition culminates in Minter’s ongoing investigation of how the beauty industry expertly creates and manipulates desire through images. – Salon 94/M. Minter

Marilyn Minter: Solo Exhibition & Salon 94 : October 27, 2016-December 22, 2016

Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty @ Brooklyn Museum : November 4, 2016–April 2, 2017

“Slick, steamy, soiled, smeared: Such is the work of Marilyn Minter, the painter and photographer whose composite images of female body parts and excess (think a mouthful of muddy pearls) have been embraced and reviled for their sensual magnetism for more than three decades. Collected by everyone from the Guggenheim to Jay Z—she makes a dancing cameo in his video for “Picasso Baby”—Minter is about to receive her first museum retrospective, which will open Saturday at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston before it travels to Denver, Orange County, and finally the Brooklyn Museum in the fall of 2016. In advance of that milestone, Minter sat down with for a candid conversation about a few of her favorite things and the state of her art…” – Mark Guiducci, Vogue

Read more about Marilyn’s incredible influence at the New York Times, Vogue, ViceNew York Magazine, Financial Times, the Village Voice and The New York Times (again) and inclusion as one of Jerry Saltz’ The 10 Best Art Shows of 2016.


PLAYPEN (2011)

The motif of the baby splashing paint behind the window, oblivious of the viewer and building up an abstract pattern on the glass plane is explored in the video PlayPen. It features several babies bathing in silver paint, smearing and splattering in the viscous liquid with contagious pleasure, the mighty toddlers splash silver across the entire frame, slowly saturating the screen with paint.  The baby becomes a stand in for her fascination with our human search for pleasure.  Playpen has been exhibited extensively including large scale projections at Salon 94, New York; Riotous Baroque, Kunsthaus, Zurich and The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas.

I’M NOT MUCH… @ Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

“It gurgles. It oozes. And it can eat you for breakfast — especially if your name is Marilyn Minter. It’s “I’m Not Much But I’m All I Think About,” a slow-motion video by the artist, known for excessively close-up paintings where freckles, open pores and beads of sweat all look more like glorious costume jewels.

In the self-mocking video Minter stirs up a voluptuous brew of narcissistic pleasure that swallows her initials (in the form of M&M candies) and a silver charm spelling the word “ME” that keeps coming back for another plunge.

If her beckoning matmos resembles the bubbling slime in “Barbarella,” it does not have evil on its mind. The ingredients of Minter’s omnivorous pool are vodka and silver cake frosting suspended in glycerin, a delectable goo that coats or splatters.” – T Magazine

Planned Parenthood

More recently we’ve been involved in Marilyn’s outspoken support for Planned Parenthood, Toddy editing this piece starring Miley Cyrus.

“What Marilyn Minter’s Photo of Miley Cyrus Can Do for Reproductive Rights” – Artsy