Mother New York tapped Picture Farm director KT Auleta to bring to life their campaign for Target, highlighting “a decent amount of body diversity” and tell the story of a positive self image that is, as SELF puts it, “the latest in a long overdue series of ads that focus on health, happiness, and loving your body exactly as it is.

“Spring is just around the corner, and Target is celebrating by launching a body positive swimwear campaign to encourage women to embrace warmer weather with confidence. The company’s #NOFOMO (a.k.a. “no fear of missing out”) campaign is all about “shedding any insecurities and getting out there to have the best swim season ever.” Target is encouraging shoppers to tag photos of summer fun with #NOFOMO and to take the #NOFOMO pledge—a promise to get out and enjoy life instead of letting body image struggles hinder your moment in the sun.” -SELF

Auleta, who recently joined the directing roster at Picture Farm, brought her particular brand of brightly thoughtul image making to a hybrid shoot for this ambitious campaign. Creating both conceptual social media and call-to-action videos alongside a series of still assets for print and social media, KT provided a unified look and feel that captures the story of empowerment Target and Mother set out to tell.

Picture Farm produced the hybrid photo and video shoot and also crafted the creative post production for the project, with editors Winnie Cheung and Janne Harlem guiding the series through the editorial process alongside KT.

This campaign has been garnering reams of press, from Seventeen, to WWD, InStyle and Nylon among many others.

The NOFOMO Social Media Films

The Print Campaign