J.P. Morgan Chase is not just a billion dollar personal and investment bank, it is a member and cultivator in the communities it serves.

The PF team traveled from Dallas/Fort Worth to London, telling these unique stories of partnerships that set the company apart as a true investor in the communities it does business in. From a halfway house for abused women to a rejuvenated inner-city school in East London, director Toddy Stewart, photographer Patrick Dougherty and producer Cleveland Jones managed the culture shock and found the stories to tell.

With the team from Y&R of Gabe Hoskins, Cheryl Chapman and Christine Howley we captured enough footage to create broadcast 30’s (above) and longform documentaries (below) plus a series of more intimate stories and social media web assets.

London : St. Paul’s Way Trust School

Helping Promising Students Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: Inside access to London’s thriving businesses equips an Ofsted outstanding school with the tools for entrepreneurship.

“St. Paul’s Way Trust School (SPWTS), in Tower Hamlets, is thriving thanks to a community-wide effort that helped implement a creative curriculum rounded out with business and life lessons. The faculty and staff dedicate themselves to motivate their students and provide a first-rate education, resulting in high exam rates plus personal development opportunities. The school has been transformed—it is a fast-paced, highly achieving school that is both aspirational and inspirational, and students’ career goals and achievements are exploding.” – J.P. Morgan Chase

London : YTKO

One Organisation Is Taking a Hands-On Approach to Helping Small Business Grow: YTKO is giving thousands of small business owners in East London the skills and confidence to make it.

“YTKO Group’s GetSet for Growth is geared toward small businesses seeking expansion, but the effects are huge: in the past 18 months, the programme has helped support more than 500 businesses and created more than 200 local jobs. In addition, these businesses have been able to access over £500,000 of funding. The organisation’s 30-year+ track record of advising both new and established businesses throughout its regional UK offices led to YTKO’s forward-thinking collaboration with J.P. Morgan – ultimately resulting in the creation of the GetSet for Growth East London programme, geared toward proactive economic development in this vibrant community. ‘We started our collaboration with J.P. Morgan in Bournemouth back in 2013, and that pilot programme went so well that we brought it to East London,’ said Bev Hurley, CBE, CEO of YTKO. ‘J.P. Morgan wanted to fund the same project in East London because they could see the need there.'” – J.P. Morgan Chase

Fort Worth : The Ft. Worth Stock Show

23 Days. 1.2 Million Visitors. $100 Million Economic Impact: The 121-year-old Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo keeps old traditions alive while supporting the local economy.

“‘Where the West Begins.’ Fort Worth’s motto comes alive every January when the legendary Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo opens its corral doors. The oldest stock show in the country, it brings together farmers, ranchers, rodeo fans and cowboy enthusiasts from across the country.” – J.P. Morgan Chase

Fort Worth : Center for Transforming Lives

Transforming the Individual, Transforming the Community : The Center for Transforming Lives financially empowers moms, and strengthens families and the entire community.

“Lifting up a community, one family at a time. That’s the philosophy behind the Center for Transforming Lives, which served 3,718 economically disadvantaged women and children in Fort Worth, Texas last year.

With the support of JPMorgan Chase, the Center helped more than 800 clients begin to escape poverty last year alone. Many of these women will go on to work full-time jobs, buy homes and start small businesses. And each client taken off the streets will save the Fort Worth community the estimated $20,000 it spends annually to care for a homeless family.”J.P. Morgan Chase

Dallas : Klyde Warren Park

How One Dallas Park Injected New Life into Downtown : What used to divide downtown Dallas now connects it.

“A joint public-private development credited with bringing new life to the city, Klyde Warren Park officially opened in 2012. Not only did the park cover a cement highway with sprawling green lawns and tree-lined promenades, it brought people and thriving small businesses to the city’s center, uniting Dallas in a lush town square.” – J.P. Morgan Chase


Photographer Patrick Dougherty is a constant collaborator for us at Picture Farm. His knack for fitting in seamlessly with a motion production and snap the still moments that capture the emotion of the moment make him a great creative companion and a pleasure to produce for.

You can see more of this great creative relationship in our series for West Elm.