Picture Farm Europe and photographers Mark Leary and Will Morgan went on a production odyssey through Sevilla, Barcelona, Tenerife, Naples, Venice, Madeira and Crete.

“British Airways launched the 2015 campaign, Inspire Us, in search of unique and promising visual rhetoric from the public; challenging participants to “reinvent the humdrum holiday snap.” On top of being sent to one of ten European destinations, the winners went under the wing of professional photographers, who mentored them on how to take the best possible photos for the upcoming British Airways advertising campaign. Shot in Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Gran Canaria, Madeira, Naples, Venice and greek island Crete, Inspire US is an actual competition whereby 10 amateur were selected to photograph 10 different cities in Europe and 2 professional photographers acted as mentors.”

For Picture Farm, its energizing to give the amateur, the newbie their turn to tell a story — and campaigns like Inspire Us  inspires us to believe in what we do.

Mark Leary and Will Morgan, adept behind the lens in sublime landscapes (see here and here) became more than just the hired-professional-photographer/ consumer-turned-influencer tandem.  Their work fills the gap between consumer and corporation; turning the run-of-the-mill pathos behind advertising into an active, achieved vision.