“When people come together and allow their commonalities to supersede their differences, they cloak themselves in a suit of armor galvanized by open-mindedness and wield a sword of understanding cured in the flames of love,” Ball says in the spot, “a blade so sharp that it renders the threat of indifference and stereotypes and prejudice null and void and the barriers of language, race, religion, sex and sexual preference invalid.”

As part of Hyatt’s “For a World of Understanding,” Picture Farm Production teamed up with MullenLowe, director Simon Benjamin and spoken word artist and poet Tarriona “Tank” Ball to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 11th annual Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an event held at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta during the darkest days of that era’s Civil Rights movement. 

The new spot, “Come Together,” has a similar tone as the brand’s past work, leaning on its rich history of inclusivity and celebrating having opened its doors to all since 1967.”ADWEEK

The spot, already garnering an “Ad of The Day” title from The Drum, was developed by the creative team from MullenLowe, Ms. Ball, Mr. Benjamin and PF Executive Producer Johnny Fego. Picture Farm took the project from production through post, with editor Winnie Cheung, assistant editor Jose Roman and post producers Monique Robertson and Leslie Yoon guiding the editorial process.

This campaign has been named to Source Creative’s Top 100 spots of 2017, worldwide.

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Also featured in Creativity Online, Business Wire and the New Orleans Tribune and is featured as paid content on The Atlantic.