Homeward Bound is a global movement — begun with women in science and now rapidly growing in number and scope — aimed at addressing our world’s imbalance when it comes to the ratio of female to male voices at senior positions of leadership.  In particular, how we are caring for our planet.

Tasked with crafting a low cost creative to promote the movement, Kess shot awake at 4am one morning with the idea of women sending messages to their mothers, only to reveal the messages are directed at Mother Nature herself.  After discussing it with Homeward Bound’s lead creative at Elmwood Studios, he narrowed down the idea and took to the streets of NYC to film.

It was the first Sunday after Trump’s electoral college win and the mood on the street was incredibly fragile: everyone the team spoke to was feeling distraught, disenfranchised, angry and afraid. That — coupled with the likely vulnerability a few fading hangovers enabled — ensured the women brought much needed heart to their messages.

Once the nature of the project was revealed, the team were met with instant connection, appreciation and support.  This, more than anything, showed the calibre of outlook women’s voices bring to the decision making table.

From Kess: “as a supporter of Homeward Bound and as a story teller, it’s clear to me there is no greater solution to our world’s woes than getting men and women to finally make decisions that impact our future in equal measure.  I firmly believe that when our world is governed with the full suite of constructive human qualities represented, we surely can do no wrong.

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