Picture Farm editor Janne Harlem teamed up with photographer/director Christopher Sturman to craft a short webumentary doc for Herman Miller celebrating George Nelson’s seminal title “How To See.”

Shot in gorgeous black and white and built from the ground up with aplomb by Ms. Harlem.

“In 1977, architect, designer, writer, and general mid-century polymath George Nelson published his seminal book on visual literacy How to See. Nelson, who served as Herman Miller’s design director from 1945-1972, was a potent and able writer, and this book, which features both his photography and essays, shows him at the top of his perceptive, and persuasive, powers. In How to See, Nelson makes a full-throated argument for what he calls visual literacy, the capacity to make sense of the manmade world, identify and question the ideas that underpin our surroundings, and ultimately make us all better advocates for a beautiful, useful world.

Now, some 40 years on, and several editions later, the publisher Phaidon has engaged graphic designer and Pentagram partner Michael Bierut to redesign—or as he has it “restore”—How to See. WHY asked Bierut about how he approached the project and what Nelson still has to say to us today.” – WHY Magazine