Director Kell Mitchell and Picture Farm Production created short films about Tekkers Guru for the Equinox Furthermore series.

Featuring Aiden Mesias and Faisal Bennache of Queens Park Rangers and Emanuel Yeboah of Crystal Palace, the films are a training portrait of “Tekkers Guru (AKA 28-year-old Hussein Isa) is a former professional soccer (football) player and current stand-in (in commercials, video games, and more) for the likes of Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Sergio Agüero, and David Silva. He’s also a coach to rising professional football stars. In his hometown of London, he runs his coaching academy. (Check out @TekkersGuru, where he frequently posts videos of his inspiring young protégées, for more info.) Here, he talks about retiring early for injury, body doubling, happy hormones, and more. If you’re feeling inspired to get in the game yourself, check out this soccer workout.”

Shot on location over one day in Shepherds Bush district of London at the Play Football facility and then edited at Picture Farm Post in Brooklyn.