Nominated for Sundance Grand Jury prize in 2014 and ultimately winning the Best Director award for Cutter Hodierne in the US dramatic competition, Fishing Without Nets is a critical success from PF Features. Taking the perspective of the Somali pirate, the film delves into a myriad moral dilemma’s they face, and humanizing  a people desperate enough to turn to these measures.

Ben Freedman was first introduced to the project when a friend sent him an early trailer to the short asking if he was interested in taking a look at a documentary about Somali pirates, it which the answer was a resounding ‘yes.’ The short would go on to win the Grand Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at Sundance in 2012 which accelerated the effort to produce the feature length version, which was in production by the fall of that year.

Having partnered with Think Media and Vice Films, Ben man-handled the project  through a rough and tumble production on the ground in the Horn of Africa.

“…the empathetic goals of its director, Cutter Hodierne (expanding his 2012 short film of the same title), are furthered by a visual style that prioritizes context and character over violence and thrills.”- The New York Times

“Details count in this movie, whether it’s well-executed camera work or the affecting score.“-The Washington Post

“The thriller has enough gun toting to keep the audience hooked, but enough heart to make people reconsider their disdain for Somali pirates.“-This Is Africa

“Those who thought the pirates’ p.o.v. was neglected in Captain Phillips and A Hijacking may find the insights they were hoping for in Fishing Without Nets.”-Variety