Picture Farm teamed up with director Anton Du Preez to create an “on brand” spot for ethical clothing company EVERYBODY.WORLD. Picture Farm’s Wes Auburn and Johnny Fego originally put their arms around the Anton’s idea and since the spot would depend so heavily on creative input in post, ironed out some of the thought processes in pre-production at PF in Brooklyn with Winnie Cheung, Toddy Stewart and Leslie Yoon. After the shoot, Winnie put the cut together, unifying the disparate elements to weave a cohesive piece that finds beauty in its chaos.

This entirely “recycled” spot brings the brand’s Workers, Ecology, Ideas ethos to the forefront, detailing their innovative manufacturing process to promote their 100% recycled cotton Trash Tee–the first of its kind in the world.

Shot on vintage Kodak film to sync with recycled 14-year-old stock footage and features narration courtesy of 1950’s-era PSA announcements. The one-minute spot offers a behind the scenes look at textile production alongside sweeping, color-saturated scenes of LA, and all its haze and mid century glory.

When du Preez met EVERYBODY.WORLD and heard the ways they are pushing boundaries in textile sustainability, he wanted to collaborate. “I went to speak to co-founders Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo about the clothing production process and was amazed at how much cotton waste there is in yarn-making. After learning about this, I wanted to be involved and help create awareness around it. We approached the Creative Directors behind the Adidas Originals Original is Never Finished campaigns to create a ‘completely recycled’ concept for the campaign,” he notes.

We are proud to add this made ADWEEK’s Ad Of The Day honors…

EVERYBODY.WORLD makes and sells thoughtful goods.

Inspired by reality, people, cultures, science, history, and life. We approach design and manufacturing as a new frontier–conscious of Workers, Ecology and Ideas. To us, that means leading with creativity and ensuring our production is always ethical and as earth-friendly as possible.