ROBORACE presented its prototype driverless race car at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and U La La Events designed and produced event.

Cutting edge technology with an eye to the future needs a matching exhibition that is designed to push all experience toward the star of the show. James Stewart and Ryan Board and U La La Events had just the sensibility to design and build the simple yet appropriately dazzling offering for Roborace, the first driverless racing circuit.

Simultaneously, Picture Farm produced a photo shoot for Roborace at the Parc Del Forum in Barcelona while the spectacular vehicle was on hand.


Meet the Electric, Driverless Racecar of the Near Future. Autonomous electric racing startup Roborace unveiled its new Robocar at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Roborace wants to create a self-driving, electric championship race series where teams compete using algorithms to drive the cars around the circuit.” – The Wall Street Journal

The Roborace global motorsports series is set to launch next year. Based on autonomous driving technology, it promises a new era of cyberpunk racing. Its star vehicle has been unveiled here in Barcelona, and it looks like it comes straight from Hollywood. In fact, the Robocar is the work of Daniel Simon, the designer who created vehicles for Captain America and who previously helmed Cosmic Motors, a fantasy manufacturer of cars and spaceships of the future. There’s no cockpit, but who needs a driver when you’ve got a battery of sensors: five Lidar units, two radars modules, and six cameras? All that input is handled by NVIDIA’s PX2 AI chip. On the track, it tops out around 200 mph. Not bad for a robot.” – Wired




Visit Picture Farm’s U La La Events site.