Picture Farm’s Toddy Stewart collaborated with the creative team at Estée Lauder to create a series of abstract films for the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Collection. 

Conceptualizing and translating the natural processes that Estee Lauder captures in their health and beauty lines takes an elastic and willing mind, Toddy Stewart pre-visualized and drew out working boards, developing a campaign-wide technical treatment with the Estee creative team. He then worked with the photographer Kanji Ishi in production to bring the conceptual ideas to life, creating the assets he’d need to build out the series in post.

The Picture Farm Post team of Toddy, Leslie Yoon and editors Melissa Huffsmith-Roth, Janne Harlem, Logan Seaman, Winnie Cheung then took the assorted elements into editorial, crafting the series of abstract dramatizations of the product line’s inspiration.