From 2008-2016, ESPN tapped PF’s Toddy Stewart to build out promotional campaigns for their UEFA European Championship broadcasts in an all encompassing collaborative role that ranged from editor to director to copywriter.

2008 “War Without Bullets”

60 matches. Over 100 hours. Four decades. One month to find every moment that would fit a conceit of slight football-cultural stereotyping. Anomaly came up with the concept then gave Toddy free reign with the mountain of footage to find the nuances and tell the stories.

Along the way, he hit upon the idea of a single game played pass by pass, shot by shot, foul by foul, by multiple teams in the tournament, showcasing some of football’s biggest stars.

For the first time the entire Euros would be shown live on non-pay-per-view U.S. television, this was not a bad promotional kick off.

Each team comes into the tournament with different aspirations, histories and baggage.

2012: “One Month”

Four years later, ESPN would tap Toddy again for a second go at the Euros, teaming him up with copywriter Dan Morales of Captain to put together a campaign from the bits and ends of ESPN’s archives for the 2012 edition of the European Championship.

Each team comes into the tournament with different aspirations, histories and baggage. Crafting something that tells that story in succinct 30 second spots was quite a task. Dan came up with the great “One Month” concept while Toddy watched over 40 matches played since the 2008 tournament and designed the graphical devices to tell the story.

Concept Farm added design elements which were animated at Picture Farm, while color online were handled by by Sean Ross and Josh Laurence at Gloss.

2016: “More than Football”

In the latest installment, ESPN asked Toddy Stewart to step back into the editor/director chair, this time with the talented cinematographer/director Scott Duncan to help conceive and execute their broadcast promotional campaign for the 2016 European Championships.

Based on ESPN’s brilliant “More Than Football” campaign, Toddy and Scott collaborated on a concept that would place the excitement of past Euros, featuring some of the games biggest names, directly into the context of this year’s host nation, France.

Everything from full matches to highlight reels contributed bits, pieces and gems.

As usual, the job involved ingesting an archive of football footage supplied by UEFA to comb through, pick apart and build a narrative with which to tell ESPN’s story. Roughly 20 hours of raw and previously edited material were meticulously sorted and ordered to build a database from which to pull. Everything from full matches to highlight reels contributed whatever bits and pieces and gems for, in its very longest incarnation, is a 60 second spot.

Duncan then travelled to France to pick up the narrative scenic and technical shots for Toddy and the PF Post team to create the visual narrative. Add in inspiration from Florian Nicolle’s illustrated posters for the event and this is “more than” just a footy promo.

World Soccer Talk says it “exudes class” and we’ll take that.