There is no where quite like New York to catch the fever of the World Cup. The “Global City” has a bar (or two) for any ex-pat crowd you’d care to name, each with passion for their home nation’s team. For ESPN’s cross promotional partnership with Bacardi’s Untameable Spirit campaign, PF Directing duo Toddy Stewart & Chris Bren proposed a series of films capturing the magic and passion of soccer fans in NYC.

Chris, Toddy, and a small, synchronized crew captured seven key matches featuring 12 different teams and 13 different locations to create a series of films that would be presented the next time the winning team would play.

June 12, 2014 Brazil v Croatia

June 16, 2014 Ghana v USA

June 17, 2014 South Korea v Russia

June 28, 2014 Columbia v Uruguay

July 4, 2014 Germany v France

July 9, 2014 Netherlands v Argentina

July 13, 2014 Germany v Argentia