“It’s tough to leave New York, and tougher create a cultural hub in the middle of a desert, but that’s exactly what Fairfax Dorn managed to do in 2003 when founding Ballroom Marfa, a vibrant contemporary art space in a Texas town of 2,000. With Ballroom Marfa, Fairfax explores film, music, performance, and visual art in a city where little else exists. The ultra remote Marfa might be little remembered if it weren’t for spaces and big thinking like this; now the town’s history, thanks in part to Fairfax, begins with art.” – BlackBook on Fairfax Dorn

A series of pieces commissioned by Cole Haan for Black Book magazine celebrating the heritage of creativity and industry of four unique New York women. Earle Sebastian set the tempo and producer Weston Auburn picked up directing one film for this engaging look into the inspirations of people doing great things.

Featuring arts impresario Fairfax Dorn (above), yogi Isabel Channing, painter Tali Lennox and  and director Adria Petty (all below)

Isabella Channing

“Those who attend classes at The Shack Yoga in Bridgehampton have the good fortune to practice yoga in the creative space where Isabella Channing grew up and later opened the school. Isabella welcomes her students to breathe and move in the same spaces where she cultivated a heightened passion for being present, for sharing spirituality, and where her celebrated father Walter Channing made so many memorable artistic works. The Shack Yoga’s students, like Isabella, grow and move “under the flying sawdust” of artist Walter Channing. It’s the kind of space where inspiration is hard not to catch.”

Adria Petty

“As the daughter of legendary singer Tom Petty, director Adria Petty knows a thing or two about music. In addition to feature films and television commercials, Adria has directed over two dozen music videos for some of the biggest names in the business, from Beyoncé and Rihanna to Coldplay and Regina Spektor. So in celebration of Adria’s work, life, and outlook, we’ve put together her 5 of her best videos for you to enjoy.” 

Tali Lennox

“They say it’s easier to get by in life if you’re good looking. They say it’s easier to get by in life if you’ve had successful parents. But what they don’t say is that you don’t have to take the path of least resistance – you can go your own way. And that’s exactly what Tali Lennox, daughter of singer Annie Lennox, has done.As a painter, Tai has carved out her own path, specializing in portraiture, and has been passionate about defining herself rather than letting herself be defined. In her own words, Tali told us her story and where she finds her inspiration.”