Andrew David Watson

As the son of a carpenter and the grandson of an auto-body mechanic, Andrew David Watson had the urge to create, craft, tweak and generally “make better” instilled early on in life. From this hands-on DiY upbringing that he naturally fell in love with the confluence of technique and artistry of photography the moment he picked up a camera at age thirteen.

Spending the last decade plus working as a Director of Photography with top agencies such as Ogvily, KBS+, Draft FCB, GREY and editorial clients such as The New York Times and New Yorker, his career has taken him around the world, dropping him in every shooting condition imaginable. While honing his craft as a DP that urge to create his own work never ceased, always constantly educated in style and voice by his visual discoveries.

He has directed pieces for brands such as BMW, Adidas, Google, West Elm, GILT, ETSY, Red Wing Heritage and The New York City Ballet, his ability to suffuse his directing with that learned photographic eye and an innate ability to capture the moment setting his work apart, garnering him accolades and an ever-expanding repertoire of technique and vision.

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