Picture Farm’s Chris Bren wears many hats. He executive produces, produces, and when the time is right, he directs. In a far ranging rebuild of West Elm’s online videos, CB developed the relationship, collaborated on the creative and guided the rethink through to fruition.

Chris worked closely with Picture Farm’s Head of Post Production Leslie Yoon to further build an editorial pipeline for a number of West Elm projects.

We are super excited to continue to make fun, informative films until they run out of wood, fabric or casters.


“Sit & Fit”

Making the simple feel simple isn’t always simple to do. Communicating ease, durability and usability in the most clear, efficient way is often the hobgoblin of brand messaging. In this series for West Elm, Chris Bren implements his concise, informative and considered style in the most successful way, making comfort look… comfortable.


Kate Spade Saturday & West Elm

Next, Chris Bren and Picture Farm Production & Post teamed up with Travis Quinn and the crew at West Elm for a light and fun promo for the Kate Spade Satuday & West Elm “home” collaboration.


“Furry Creatures”

Dogs, Cats, Fur and Furniture. Chris Bren directed a trio of spots for West Elm, drawing on his deep love for the (slightly more) hirsute kind. Check out the West Elm blog here and here for more on pets and stuff.


More Chris Bren for West Elm


Creative Editorial

On top of al the fun production Picture Farm Post has partnered with West Elm on existing projects to see them through to delivery and editorial bliss.