“Plenty of sports movies are about the thrill of victory: the game-winning shot at the buzzer, a go-ahead touchdown on the final play or a walk-off home run. But it’s the heartbreaking losses that often drive athletes toward future success and personal growth. Sports apparel brand Russell Athletic is celebrating those near misses in a new mini-documentary series shot by photographer Robert Clark.”

Picture Farm Production and photographer/director Robert Clark embarked on a pre-season long documentary film and photo series for Russell Athletic. 

PF serviced the entire campaign from creative treatment in pre-production through documentary story telling in production and post, finishing and delivery to digital and social spaces.


Medium Partnerships, Sponsorships & Endorsements
Entry Type Product/Service
AAF American Advertising Awards (“ADDY) / Kansas City
“Dear Coach” Video – Social Media, Single Execution
“Dear Seniors” Video – Social Media, Single Execution
“Dear Coach” Video – Internet Commercial
“Settle Your Score/New Palestine” Video – Internet Commercial
“Settle Your Score” – Internet Commercial Campaign
“Settle Your Score” – Integrated Advertising Campaign/National/Consumer
AAF American Advertising Awards (“ADDY) /Regional District 9 (Midwest)
“Settle Your Score” – Integrated Advertising Campaign/National/Consume

  • Russell Athletic
  • Russell Athletic

The Creative Process

The campaign creation was a unique process of documentary image making meeting campaign goals as the intrinsic artistic necessities informed the brand creative process.
Russell and their agency Barkley had their sights set on photographer Robert Clark on the weight of his Friday Night Lights project, but he had very little motion story telling work on his reel. When Barkley reached out to Clark, Clark reached out to PF based on our previous work with photographers like Christopher Anderson, Ryan McGinley and Christopher Griffith.
PF Executive Producer Chris Bren worked with Robert Clark in the treatment and pre-production creative phase, drawing out the story lines and translating Clark’s photographic eye into the the vocabulary of motion.


A 3 minute anthem documentary
3 distinct :60 second short stories
3 :30 second spots
1 :15 second teaser
Campaign Stills

Start To Finish Fabrication with PF Production & Post

Production would be a fluid “all-hands” style documentary video and photo shoot on location around the town of New Palestine, Indiana. The Picture Farm Post team in Brooklyn where Clark and the PF Post team developed the footage into brand narratives. Russell would receive a full contingent of deliverables, rolling out over several weeks to broaden its social life-cycle and an array of campaign stills destined for print, social and OOH.
Garnering accolades from Adweek as an Ad of the Day, Chris Cardetti, VP at Barkley said it best: “We didn’t want to hire twentysomethings to play high school athletes. We wanted to tell the real stories and act less like marketers and more like journalists. That made Robert Clark the perfect choice for us. His photography really captures that raw emotion.”- Adweek